Will Screenshoter work via a proxy-server Internet connection?

In 99 cases out of 100, yes. And you will not need any additional setup. To check whether it is working or not, just download and run the server. If you can see the digits in your user ID and password fields, and the online sign in the lower left is on, everything is working as it is supposed to.

How long does it take for commands and messages to go through and screenshots to be made?

In most cases, it takes an instant. You can check this by opening the settings window of the Screenshoter server. If it says «real-time» in the window title, everything works instantly. If not, then the data transfer takes place with a small lag, taking from 5 to 30 seconds.

How long does it take for commands and messages to go through and screenshots to be made?

Which version of the server is best for me?

The best solution is to download the server by pressing the big button under the downloads section. This way, you will download the most recent version of the server, which is compatible with practically every kind of device.

To answer in greater detail, the most recent version with the installer gets downloaded by default, so you simply save the file and run it to start the installation. The portable version, which does not require installation, is also available. You just need to download it, run once, write down your user ID and password, and then turn on the hidden mode. In this case, the Screenshoter server will load automatically every time on startup while being totally invisible to the user.

I turned on the hidden mode on the server and cannot see the program window anymore.

Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D (Windows) or Cmd+Alt+Shift+A (MAC OS X) simultaneously to turn off the hidden mode, and you will see the main window with the settings.

How do I export the host list?

ЧIn order to save the host list, go to the Settings section and touch the line 'Export all hosts'. You will see the page with an ID and password generated for you. Save them, so later on you can restore the entire host list.

How do I import the host list?

Enter the 'Add new host' mode by pressing the button with the plus sign. Fill in the ID and password you received on exporting and press Save. The entire host list will be imported to your device.

How do I install the server on Mac?

Download the server and run the installer. Then drag-and-drop the Screenshoter icon onto the Applications icon, and you are done. Go to Applications to launch the program.

How do I install the server on Windows?

Download the server and run the installer. Follow the installation instructions, pressing Next or OK. When the installation is complete, you will see the message saying that the program is installed successfully. After that, you can launch the program by pressing Start → Programs → Screenshoter.

How do I set up the connection?

You do not have to. We made sure that the program would not require from the user any additional skills or setup effort. Just install and run. For more information, please read the manual.