Let's begin at the beginning

There is no need to configure your network, modify router settings or delve into other scary stuff. Leave all that to us and simply use Screenshoter, easily and conveniently. If you have an Internet connection, everything will be working as intended!


And what does this server on the picture to the left means?

And what is it for? How does it work?

The server program will automatically generate for you a unique user ID and password which then you will enter into Screenshoter running on your iOS device – and voila, you are done with the setup!

The server is a free program we have developed. You can download it from here. There are versions for Windows and Mac OS X. The server is necessary for getting the remote machine statistics and having control over it in real time. It is thanks to the server that you do not need to worry about network settings.

We provide various configurations of the server. Some of them don't even need installation and administrator rights – just download them and run once on the computer you intend to watch. The software will do the rest for you. And if you are unsure which configuration fits your needs best, just tap the big Download button. You will end up with the exact configuration you need!

Okay, now what?

Now it's all simple.

To make the best screenshot ever you only need to tap your screen twice. And that's all.

now what?

Are the screenshots truly instant?

Well, honestly, no. We say 'instant' because our marketing department told us to use that word and none other. In reality, it takes no less than 0.1 second from the moment the command to create a screenshot goes through to the moment the screenshot is complete and received on the server. This is not long, of course, but we just wanted to let you know.

There is one other little secret our marketing department has asked us to keep mum about, but we don’t' want to lie to you. In spite of all our efforts to ensure the data gets transferred instantly, on some machines this is impossible to accomplish. These are the old Mac computers – the 32-bit ones or those with certain uncommon connection settings. However, you can always check whether your screenshots are near-instant or not, simply by downloading and running our server application.

Are the screenshot really instant

If the title says 'Screenshoter – real-time', then all is well and your Screenshoter works perfectly. If you can't see the word 'real-time' in the title, your system does not support instant screenshots and they are executed with a small lag (about 5 seconds).

Is that all you offer?


You can also:
— Check if the remote computer online or offline at the moment.
— Share screenshots with your friends on Facebook or Twitter
— Save and e-mail screenshots, etc.

The list of available functionalities constantly grows longer. Our nearest goals are to teach Screenshoter to switch the remote machine's power on and off. Don't be a stranger to our forum, where you can always ask a question or read the latest news. Thanks for reading!